The Best Exterior Wood Finishes

  Wood decks need a finish that is easy to maintain and won't show wear paths. Inside our homes we’re surrounded by wood furniture, cabinets, millwork, and other wood items with beautiful finishes… and without much thought we simply expect them to last a lifetime. The finished wood items we have outside aren’t so lucky.  They’re exposed to the extremes of solar radiation from the sun… moisture in the forms of dew, rain, and snow…. high temperatures… freezing cold… fungal attacks... and [...]

2K Catalyzed Polyurethane Finishes

  Catalyzed polyurethane (2K-PU) is a good choice for kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, tables, and many other wood products Catalyzed polyurethane clear coats and paints are prized for their durability and versatility around the world.  They are used on everything from wood cabinetry, mill work and furniture to planes, trains, and automobiles. Two component catalyzed polyurethanes have several acronyms including 2-part, 2-component, 2-pack, 2-package, 2K urethane, and 2K-PU.  To avoid confusion with other 2 part coatings like epoxy, it's wise to [...]