Finishing is a masterful blend of art and science…

Have you been looking for a place where you can find answers to your finishing questions and learn how to achieve results you can be proud of?

I hope so, because that’s my goal…!

You may already know me from one of the woodworking forums where I’ve participated for years or from one of my articles in Fine Woodworking or Wood Magazine.  If so, you know I’ve cut back a lot and now participate almost exclusively on the Professional Finishing Forum at Woodweb where I’m the technical advisor.

FWW Paint Article

Article from Fine Woodworking

When I was getting started, I had a lot of questions. And I had trouble finding the answers – I had no idea which books were worth buying and there was a lot of conflicting information on the web – and some of it was wrong.

I was in a real bind – my hobby-level knowledge of finishing was more than any of my co-workers had and suddenly I was the “expert;” responsible for finishing a number of pieces of furniture every week for our customers. And the demand grew steadily – not only greater volume, but more complicated techniques – designers were suddenly all about duplicating international styles. Hopefully you’re not under the same sort of pressure to produce big results in a big hurry and can take your time to practice… I learned a lot of lessons the hard way back then, but you don’t have to.

I learned a lot of lessons the hard way, but you don’t have to….

That was my initiation into the world of finishing. Since then I’ve studied a lot of books, learned from other finishers, and experimented and tested products and techniques relentlessly to master many wood finishing techniques.